Kennel Attendants, Groomers and Clinic Cats


Laura Spallinger

Laura came to us in December of 2015 as one of our kennel attendants. She graduated from the University of Findlay with a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science. She has two dogs: Max a 3 year old American Eskimo/ Jack Russel mix, and Jake a 12 year old Black Lab mix. She also has 3 Betta fish and a lot of chickens. She enjoys crafting, spending time with friends and family, drawing and playing with her dogs. Laura's favorite animal is the goat. She grew up raising and showing them throughout high school and enjoys their spunky personalities. 


Alycia Urivez 

Alycia has been working with us since 2016 as a kennel attendant. She is a certified Veterinary Assistant by Ohio State University. Aly has two cats: Tiptoe a 1 year old DSH and Bugsy and 8 month old DSH. She also has two Guinea pigs named Shawn and Nutmeg both 2 years old. Outside of work Aly enjoys reading and writing. Her favorite animals are Crested Geckos because they are beautiful reptiles and cats because they are so independent. 


Leslie Conley

Leslie started working at our Shawnee location in August 2014 as our groomer. She and her husband have 2 grown sons and a number of pets including: 4 cats (Bob, Jack, Elvis, and Ino) and 7 dogs (Angus, Lucy, Rudy, Molly, Sis, Mac, and Dizzy). Leslie enjoys making bows and bandannas for her furry clients in her spare time, as well as reading and studying animal behavior. Over the last 20 years she has worked in many areas of the veterinary world as a veterinary assistant and as a manager at an SPCA. She has a strong interest in animal behavior and training. Her favorite part of working here at Metz Petz is her ability to work with animals on a daily basis with a wonderful team. 



Peg was surrendered to us in 2008. She had a paralyzed front leg that had to be amputated. Hence her name... Peg! She is a feisty girl who, in typical cat fashion, loves to get her pets but only for a few strokes. One of her favorite things to do is pick up her toys and then yell at them. She is a great horsefly catcher, which is great when they get into the clinic! She has no fear when it comes to dogs giving her fuss but she is not a huge fan of other cats. Peg lives at out Ada clinic and is usually sunbathing up front or hogging the scale in the hallway. 



Walter came to us in December of 2017 with very bad skin issues and uncontrollable allergies. He is completely deaf and that makes him one of the best clinic cats out there! He LOVES to eat and tends to sleep most of the day away. He lives at the Shawnee clinic where you may see him prowling or snoozing around in the back. One of his favorite things to do is yowl excessively whenever he thinks he needs fed or isn't getting enough attention. He also likes to sit in boxes, play with feather toys, and visit with the hospitalized animals.