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Welcome to Metz Petz Veterinary Clinics!

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We are two clinics devoted to providing loving and compassionate care to all our patients. Whether your pet needs a simple check up or intensive veterinary treatment to surgery, we are here to help.

Our veterinarians proudly serve the Ada and Lima, Ohio areas. Our services are offered keeping in mind the needs of pets and their owners. We want to be there for you and your pet, so that you do not have to go to multiple locations to get the service you need.

As providers of pet care services, we ensure that we stay up to date on the progresses being made in our field so we can serve you and your pet better. Our dedication to our work extends to all areas of our practice, and we work to be the clinic you will always want to bring your pet to.

                                     At Metz Petz Veterinary Clinics, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

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  • "Metz Petz, the docs, and the entire staff are caring, competent and, most of all, compassionate human beings who understand our love for our pets. Throughout a history of care and expert grooming for our miniature poodle Reddog, he had nothing but warm, wonderful and professional handling by one and all here.

    During a recent medical crisis, Reddog got the quantity and quality of medical care that I associate with doctors for people. His issues sadly resulted in Reddog not making it, but I can tell you without fear of contradiction that he lived longer only because of the attention (and thoughtful follow-ups) shown by the medics and staff.

    Awarding five stars because it doesn’t let me award five hundred. Strongly, unequivocally recommended."
    Metz Petz came highly recommended to me by friends in the Animal Rescue Community...
    I took my 11 year old Pug...Hercules in today for a wellness check up and to establish a Veterinarian/Customer relationship.....Dr. Nathan Metz and all staff were...extremely knowledgeable, courteous and had excellent interpersonal skills!!!!! Dr. Nathan Metz definitely took time listening to my concerns...I really can see his love and compassion for animals and pets!!!!! The entire staff made us feel welcome!!! I definitely will be back with my other two boyz, Hachi and Capone...I am very happy to say Hercules enjoyed the visit as well and looks forward to seeing his new friends again!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! DR. NATHAN METZ!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "Both Dr. Metz are wonderful. Dr. Nathan treated my Rocky with such wonderful care and when the day came for him to be put to sleep, he made the process as bearable as possible. I will always be loyal to Metz Petz."
  • "My dogs love both vets here. They helped me figure out what my German Shepard pup needed as far as his diet because he was having horrible stomach problems. He is fine now."
  • "Best Avian Vet in Lima! All of you have gentle and loving hearts. My Sapphire loves the phone call reminder, just chirps until I replay it. Thank you for all you do."
  • "Our fuzzy child, a 170 lb +Neapolitan Mastiff Penny ended up in trouble during labor yesterday. She ended up having a c-section on the remaining 4 puppies. We now have 6 healthy, happy, wrinkly puppies. They explained everything to us, in detail throughout the entire process. Dr. Nathan & Dr. Melissa, Sterling, Casey, Joe and staff all stayed late with no complaints. We couldn't of asked for a more caring staff. Dr. Nathan, followed up again today as well. We appreciate everything you did for and saving Penny and the puppies. We recommend Metz Petz- they see all our fuzzy children. Thank you all so much!"
  • "Entire staff is very caring and treat you as though it is their pet and you are part of their family.
    Dr. Melissa and Dr. Nate, as well as the entire staff are super easy to talk to and have your pets well-being first and foremost in their mind."
  • "Dr. Nathan is the best vet ever- and the only one I trust for my dogs care. Kind, compassionate, amazing with pets. Easy to get along with- down to earth. Highly recommend!"
  • "Today we had to make the hardest decision a pet owner has to make. Dr. Nathan came to our home to assist with Cody's departure from this world. He was gentle and caring; he even waited until my wife was able to make it home before administering the medication. As hard as it was to do; Dr. Nathan made it tolerable for all of us. Cody simply fell asleep in his favorite place, next to the pool looking out over the backyard. Dr. Nathan, thank you for making that possible you are a true humanitarian."
  • "I can't say enough great things about Metz! Dr. Nathan and Dr. Melissa have been so wonderful with all my fur babies! More important, Dr. Nathan saved My bulldog's eye by acting quickly and providing professional knowledge for us! Thanks to all their wonderful staff for their hard work and dedication to our fur babies!"

Meet The Staff

  • Amelinda Marengo
    Veterinary Assistant

    Amelinda became a part of the Metz crew in October of 2017. She is our 'go- betweener' assistant. She can be seen in the back helping the veterinarians or up front as a receptionist at both clinics. She has always had a passion for animals and knew she would end up working with them. 'It feels good helping animals and educating owners how to help keep their pets as healthy and happy as possible.' Amelinda graduated with an Associates degree in Natural and Historical Interpretation. She and her partner Chloe have a 5 month old Weimaraner named Zara who is a goofy, happy derp of a dog and three cats: Achilles a 4 year old DSH who spend his days glaring at passerby's, Apollo a 3 year old DSH who keeps the food bowls safe by patrolling them at all hours, and Myrtle a 1 year old DSH who wants to snuggle under the blankets most of the time. Amelinda loves to spend time outside, making people smile and laugh and enjoys playing the guitar.